Virginia’s on the radio!

Well, Mrs Woolf was in 1937, as the wonders of Youtube (or ‘One’s tube’ as she’d have possibly called it) can now show us.

I had never heard her voice before this, and she sounds exactly as she should. I found myself mourning how well-spoken people now sound nothing like they did when Wodehouse was on the throne, with posh people no longer speaking in clipped, plummy, Pinewood Studio tones, but instead they whinny and neigh at each other in a slightly slurred fashion, as if tipsy, and with mouths full of food. Boris Johnson. Urgh.

I love the bit where she talks about literature — ‘Is our modern Georgian literature a patch on the Elizabethan?’.  Ah, to have been modern back in Georgian times. And how odd is it we’re now living in an Elizabethan era? I never think of it like that. I am typing this on an Elizabethan computer, go me!