Subject Matter Matters

I can see me really liking the Robert Galbraith books, they seem like something I could regularly pick as holiday books, but this one I’m just not feeling.

The problem is, it’s all about a dead supermodel, and there’s fashion designers, film producers, and others who feel straight out of ‘Heat’ magazine. There’s a boyfriend with shades of Pete Doherty, and people are in and out of The Priory having expensive therapy. These are people I never choose to read about.

I don’t really like sci-fi but have still enjoyed some, the same goes for fantasy and horror. I can be made interested in almost any area of life, not everything has to be from an area or era I really care about, but this feels like a leap too far for me. I like Cormoran Strike, I really like his temp who helps him investigate, I just find everyone else annoying, and their worlds are not ones I want to step into, ever. The best parts of the book for me are when Cormoran has flash backs to his childhood, or the scenes in the dingy office, but my brain glazes over when nightclubs and fashionable restaurants become the focus.

This is also why I will never choose to read a novel set in a dental surgery, bingo hall, mother and toddler group, or tax office.

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