Tissues and Indigestion tablets.

Hey, so you know all those things you’ll say you’ll do before you are 40? Well I have until 9 a.m (on the dot, I was a punctual and considerate baby, she woke up in labour at 7 a.m and I was out two hours later, and everyone had a nice cup of tea) this morning to get them all done. I’ve done quite a few of them, but I fear there isn’t time to lose a stone and get really good at Russian. Therefore, 50 is now the new 40 (which if you think about it really is, what with people living longer) and so I now have another decade to get stuff done.

I come from a tiny family so presents are thin on the ground, and are often in the form of talcum powder, but luckily my daughter will just buy me all the books I ask for (see below), as she both obedient and delightfully lazy. Yes, it’s nice when people use their imaginations, and good friends will know what you’d really love, which in my case is a Jinkx Monsoon (Rupaul’s Drag Race is the best program on TV!) inspired teacup, but it’s also nice when family don’t mess about and just get what you want. This equals a lot less talc in my life.

So now I am 40, and a proper grown up (I’ll have you know I now willingly eat brussel sprouts and always carry tissues), the books I chose were all based on proper grown-up reasons.

Proust – Swann’s Way – A Graphic Novel

OMG just look at the pictures! Beautiful! It’s a giant lovely hardback that I’ll love for ever and ever!

I hope they do more of them, and soon.

John le Carré – The Spy Who Came in From The Cold


On the front, Graham Greene says it’s ‘The best spy story I have ever read’. Sold!

Yoko Ogawa – The Diving pool


It looks a bit scary, and Mme Bibi Lophile’s review made me do it.

Robert Galbraith – The Cuckoo’s Calling


I need to know what these books are like. Does Rowling slaughter people to the same degree when she’s being Galbraith? And what kind of person is called ‘Cormoran Strike’?

Cormorant 1

Me! Fair wages for cormorants !


Kate Atkinson – A God In Ruins.


It has a hare on the front. I like hares. I hope there’s actually a hare in it. I’ll be onto Trades Description if not.