Damn you, J. K. Rowling.

‘The Casual Vacancy’ is one of the saddest books I’ve ever read. Damn you, J. K. Rowling. Damn you for making me care about these people so much.

While some characters may have got hopeful endings, or their just deserts, two characters didn’t get what I wanted at all. At all. *stamps foot*

Up until the last part I was ready to say what a perfect book it is, how I know so many of these people, have felt so many of their emotions. I was going to rave about how nice it is to read a sympathetic and honest treatment of teenagers, a band of people I feel so sorry for, shown in all their anguished, miserable but also annoying glory. I hated every single day of the ages from 11 to 16, and you couldn’t pay me enough to ever relive a single minute of that soul-draining bleakness.

I was going to say how I suspect J. K. Rowling to be an omnipotent presence who should be studied due to freaky observation super powers. And I was going to say how I found it hard to put down and was reading until 2 a.m last night as I had to see how it ended.

Now I’m just going to say I sobbed so hard, so hard! Snot, tissues, my whole body shaking under the duvet. Not quite to ‘War Horse’ levels, that film should be banned for the mental torture it is capable of, but still, ‘A Casual Vacancy’ has more sadness than I’m capable of stomaching. It may have been 2 a.m, but I was forced, forced, to have some tea and chocolate biscuits before I was calm enough to sleep. And I was wrecked the next day at work, cranky, sleep deprived, and mourning pretend people.

You may also remember my copy was the ugliest book ever made, and the only way I could read it was to re-cover it first. I used left over brown printed Christmas paper from Lidl, as Lidl often have surprisingly tasteful wrapping alongside the good value fruit and veg, and I’d rather look Christmas paper than that awful, awful cover.


Now you see it…


…now you mercifully don’t.