Doing my bit for the economy, charity, and parenting.

Aberdeen is my nearest place with proper shops, and so a trip to the Oxfam Bookship is about an 80 mile round trip. So, when my daughter asked me to take her there for a look for French novels in the foreign language section to help her with her Higher exams, you could bet I’d be buying something for myself as well.


I haven’t read any of J. K. Rowling’s non-Harry Potter books, and so thought I’d give one a bash, in spite of the awful TV adaptation cover, which is something that would stop me from buying a book if it were new and full price. And that red circle on the front letting you know it’s there’s an adaptation out there,(as for some the presence of Michael Gambon on the front may not be enough to give the game away,) well, that aint a sticker, it’s printed on there. If I enjoy this book, I will have to re-cover it myself, like how they used to make us cover school books.


I bought Nevil Shute as the name was familiar and by the time I got the till I remembered he wrote another book I haven’t read, A Town Called Alice (sung to the tune of ‘A Town Called Malice, obviously, OoooHhooo yeeeahh).

And I have thing for Scandinavian writers, and like Carsten Jensen, so was happy to pick up this book for £2.99. It’s about Danish sailors during the 1848 war with the Germans, and is a paving slab of a book with mouse-suitable font, so I hope it’s good as I’ll be there a while.