The mail can make it feel like Christmas everyday! (a cheap one, with no cooking)

Today’s post is an out and out endorsement of a UK company so those outside the UK may want to wander off now, unless you feel vicarious joy through the purchases of others, in which case, read on, cos I got me some bargains!

Recently I’ve been buying books from abroad, and the postage in some instances is pretty much what you’d expect to pay for a suitcase on a plane, (or the plane itself) but if you want a rare book or one in its original language, there’s not many outlets, especially in countries without an Amazon. I ordered a book from Foyles which is a cheaper option, as they have an international catalogue. However, I ordered it in December, and may not be here until February, so I presume they are cheaper as instead of airmail they have employed dolphins with waterproof backpacks to bring the books via sea, and you can’t trust dolphins to swim directly, as they insist on being playful and stuff.

But then I stumbled on this website, where they seem to have a HUGE directory of all kinds of new and second hand books, collated from individual, international sellers, and best of all, the Danish language novels I ordered all seemed to come from the same company, so they only charged me one lot of a couple of quid postage and some of the these books were only 70p each! And they are my favourite type of second hand books of all, ex-library books, complete with inserts and date stamps. University of East Anglia, I am gradually buying up all your withdrawn Danish novels! Library books make me feel like I have my own little but official library, but one where I only begrudging let other people borrow my books, for limited times, and only if they leave their watch/car/child as collateral.