Leafing Through Cardigan’s Community Bookshop

I popped into Cardigan yesterday and had just enough time for a quick mooch around Cardigan’s fabulous community run bookshop, ‘Leafed Through’. The shop is a fabulous treasure trove of classics and contemporary fiction – my usual hunting ground – as well as crime, fantasy, travel and children’s sections. Sadly, Cardigan has seen a number of much loved secondhand bookshops closing in recent years, so ‘Leafed Through’ has made a very welcome addition to the high street, especially for addicted book browsers like me.


I didn’t have much cash on me, which was probably a good thing as I could have spent a fortune on the fine pickings to be found. I had to buy the Balzac as I’ve been looking for that for ages as ‘The Black Sheep’ is one of the titles from the Guardian’s 100 best novels list that I still don’t have. Javier Cercas’ ‘Soldiers of Salamis’ has been on my wish list for far too long and the Vargas Llosa will be perfect for theΒ Around the World in 80 Books reading challenge. As for ‘The Museum of Innocence’, well if Orhan Pamuk’s ‘My Name Is Red’ is anything to go by, I’m in for a treat.


Funnily enough, the lady who served me said she’d be interested to know how I got on with it as she’d found it a disappointment after the richly evocative ‘Istanbul’. Now you wouldn’t get that level of honesty in a normal bookshop, such candid booktalk would be drowned out by the Kerching! of the till.

After my browse, I headed off with the Mister, to Berlotti’s Cafe to escape the rain, peruse my swag and enjoy a coffee while enjoying the uniquely charming panoramic view!