Goodbye, Colonel Brandon

Wow, whoever it is that’s running 2016 really seems to have it in for some of our most talented people. Lemmy from Motorhead was a bit of a British institution (and one of my first teenage gigs), so it was sad to see him go, but the fact he’d lived as long as he did treating his body the way he did was a miracle. But Bowie and Alan Rickman have both been surprises, and both produced work that touched different generations, and had been constants in many of our lives.

Here is a video which features Alan reading Shakespeare’s sonnet 130. His voice, oh, his voice…

And this one of him playing Colonel Brandon, in Sense and Sensibility.

And of course, it’s impossible to imagine any one else playing Snape.

So, enough now. I’m beginning to fear what Twitter will break to me next, or in the case of Alan, a distraught text from my daughter sent from school, because not Snape, mum, please not Snape.