I can’t help but notice, I don’t have a writing tower.

I have been reading that Vita Sackville-West said Virginia Woolf’s study, a sweet-looking little cabin, was an utter mess inside full of broken junk,which I love as it seems very out of character. Vita herself wrote in a tower, as you do –

The Elizabethan Tower at Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent. ©National Trust Images/Jonathan Buckley

This has made me want to read some of her work, in the hope I don’t like it. I can then go back to thinking books written in sheds (Dahl, Dylan Thomas, Shaw), shacks (Twain), and normal houses are superior due to the fact they are not towers, that looked like this inside.


Not that’s I’d ever say no to a tower, and would abandon my Ikea desk in the corner of my bedroom in a second. I’m also fascinated by this picture I saw the other day comparing pictures of Francis Bacon’s work room, and Goethe’s.



It’s not hard to work out whose is whose…