Around the World in 80 Books Reading Challenge: So, who’s in?

Tomorrow is a very special day for Lucy and I, as it’s the first birthday of HardBookHabit. What an incredible year it’s been – I don’t think I’ve ever read or written more in my life! It’s been tremendous fun as well as being a truly rewarding experience, and best of all, we’ve made several new fellow blogger friends along the way *fistbumps* all round!

To mark our special day, we thought we’d do something special.  We’ve decided to celebrate by launching our very own reading challenge: Around the World in 80 Books, and you’re all invited to join in. After all, what better way is there to spend a birthday but by planning some exotic travel? And all from the comfort of the sofa, so it won’t cost a bean.

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Here’s the deal.  You’ll need to read 80 books set or connected with the random destinations of your choice, then you blog about each book that you read en route. You can choose any books you like – this challenge is not limited to fiction – and the only catch is that you must read at least one book connected to each continent, one sea-based book, and a book that involves travel – think the Orient Express, flight, hot-air balloons, train journeys, car trips, etc… the rest is up to you.

The idea is to travel the world, experiencing different cultures, landscapes and peoples, and maybe to step out of your reading comfort zone a little. You can plan all 80 books in advance – Oh, the list-making opportunities *swoon*, or just hop about the globe, as and when the mood takes you.

I do hope you can join in the fun. All we ask is that you blog about your armchair travels, tagging them with #AW80Books, and feel free to add your links in the comments sections of our travel posts. Just think, it’ll be like sending virtual postcards!