Tidings of Joy (and Muppets)

Yesterday was my last day in work until Christmas day (I know, what the hell!? I get two days off now and am back on the 25th. Booo!) However, we operate a less Scrooge-like policy here at HBH, and today is our last post until the couple that will will pop up in that bleak and pointless week between Christmas and New Year that we could quite frankly, all do without. They should just make New Year’s Day Boxing day, and be done with it.

We started this blog a year ago, and has been a new year plan that has held on throughout the year (rather like the extra inches on my waist). Thank you all for reading, and commenting, and especially thank you all for your blogs. You have shown us places we’ve never been and things we’ve never seen with your photography blogs, and added many, many more titles to our TBR lists with your book blogs…yeah, thanks for that 😉 It’s been nice to connect with so many talented and interesting people on such a nice and civilised platform as Wordpress, as opposed to something like Facebook.

Amerry Christmas (Yule, Festivus, Santa’s birthday, whatever you like) from us. We hope Santa takes notice of your book wish-lists, and we look forward to all the pictures of your seasonal book hauls.

I feel the best way to end this post is on a song, from my favourite Christmas film, ever.