Something for nothing, whoo!

Hey! Look! Something free!

I am descended from a long line of women who helped out at jumble sales just because it meant they got a good look at stuff before the doors opened, and who hung on until the end of January like a steely-nerved poker player, just to see how much more a desired item could be reduced in the sales. One of my happiest days was when I was given some free miniature collapsible toothbrushes and eye masks by a Mega-bus driver, and don’t get me started on flight upgrades.

And so I’m very happy with a free book form Audible, released as Christmas goodie. It doesn’t matter if you do not subscribe to Audible, as you can sign up just to get the free book, and then cancel later if you wish.

‘The Chimes’ is one of those Dickens’ seasonal stories where the rich people are bad and cruel, and the poor people try their best to be good and kind on limited resources. It’s full of your usual Dickens’ oddballs with the odd names, there’s some interesting points about social injustice, and the whole thing of a new year. How we begin a new year, the optimism or gloom that it brings. I personally hate new year’s eve, but as someone who enjoys all kinds of challenges, plans, projects, and anything that entails buying a new journal or notebook, I love new year’s day. They say you can start anew at any point, but new year’s day really does feel like the first day of the rest of my life.

‘The Chimes’ is read by Richard Armitage, who does a good turn at being a host of different people, from posh elderly men to waif-like little girls. And of course, it’s free! Yay!


Clcik here – Audible – The Chimes, by Charles Dickens