No more books – not one!

After a recent mega book haul, I did wonder whether I should call a halt to my book accumulation. Once the panic subsided, I decided that moderation would be a better course of action, and plumped instead for a ‘one in, one out’ policy. I only buy secondhand fiction, and a precious hour spent trawling a secondhand bookshop is one of my favourite things to do, so it would be a shame to block off such an avenue of pleasure. There is also the small fact of having a book blog to write for, and it just wouldn’t do to have to regurgitate the same old stuff and constantly bemoan my paperback abstinence.

However, I have another secret book-based vice, and that is buying cookbooks. I love to browse through a stack in the evening, poring over the recipes and preferably, mouthwatering photographs, planning meals I’ll probably never get around to making. I turned Vegan last year, and in the run up to making the change and Β ever since I’ve been steadily accruing books that I’ve positively ‘needed’ on my Vegan journey. Of course, I haven’t needed them at all – I can access google as well as the next person, but it’s been a great excuse. I have books on vegan baking, raw baking (really!), raw food, juicing, smoothies, vegan paleo, superfoods, detox, vegan brunch, salads, healthy snacks, as well as regional cookbooks. The irony is that I can be found flicking through a book on healthy vegan snacks with triple mungbean and wheatgrass power, as I munch my way through a bag of kettle chips *cough* I mean, err, kale chips.

So, my 2016 challenge is that I am absolutely not allowed to buy any more cookbooks – not even Terry Hope Romero’s ‘Protein Ninja’ – *gulp* – not even that. Instead, every month, I will pick a cookbook from my collection and make at least one recipe from it every week. That way I’ll get to explore the books I already own, and by saving pounds on cookbooks I can feel less guilty about frittering pennies on fiction!


It looks like 2016 will be all about healthy eating, round our gaff!