My very own Eden Project (and not a glass dome in sight)

My son Eden has just found out the destination of his first voyage since starting his cadet-ship in the Merchant Navy. It took some adjustment when he first left home a few months ago, but at some point in February he’ll be heading off to South America – and there I was thinking Newcastle felt a million miles away!

Maersk ship

Now I know he’s settled in and enjoying his course I’ve stopped worrying, and am thrilled and excited about his forthcoming travels – not to mention completely jealous!

While he’s away I’m determined not to pine. Instead I shall go on my own vicarious travels by reading novels based in the places that his ship will be docking in. So, I’ll be digging out my battered copies of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Laura Esquivel and Jorge Luis Borges for a reread. It’ll also be a great opportunity to discover many South American authors that are new to me. It might not match the sights, sounds and smells of the real thing, but reading my way around South America will  take me there in my head while getting me back in time for the school run, so that is what I call a win!

Latin American authors