A new year of reading (and book purchasing!)

I don’t make new year’s resolutions (I’m not overly-burdened with resolve), but I do like new year plans, and really get into that whole thing, as I’m a sucker for novelty and anything that allows me to buy new notebooks. However, before any new reading challenges, etc, can start, I need to clear the decks of everything I’m currently reading, which will give me the motivation I need to finish the utterly awful Don Quixote. Then I can fully embrace what I want to do next.

So far, I have decided to need to get to the Shakespeare plays I’ve missed, as I’d like to end 2016 having read every one of his plays, and I also remembered I said in the comments section of a post on Book To The Future that I’d like to do the whole set of Γ‰mile Γ‰douard Charles Antoine Zola’s (his mum probably couldn’t decide which name she liked, so went with them all) Rougon-Macquart novels. There’s twenty of them, and I’ve read one already, so only nineteen to go, whoo! An article I read says they are not designed to be read in order, and as some are better than others, and if attempting to do the lot, mixing them up a little and starting and ending on a high note with the more exciting volumes is a good idea. So, ‘Germinal’ will be the first Zola book I read in 2016.

There is still of course the Dickens challenge, and no way with Sarah or myself will be finishing that any time soon. After hating almost every word of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop‘ I have been shying away from Dickens, and just wish I could read Bleak House again. I think the next one will be ‘Our Mutual Friend’ as no one has ever told me anything bad about that.

A still from the 1993 film of 'Germinal'. Looks cheery.

A still from the 1993 film of ‘Germinal’. Looks cheery.