How Twitter makes me buy books.

My Twitter feed is full of comedians, newspapers and drag queens. And it’s the newspapers, and their book review tweets, that get me, especially at this time of the month, the few days after pay day when I mistakenly think I have money. I bought ‘The Wolf Border’ by Sarah Hall as the Guardian said something along the lines of it being raw and savage. And I have now just bought ‘City of Fire’ as The Economist tweeted ‘Garth Risk Hallberg’s Dickensian affection for coincidence can be forgiven.’ which intrigued me, and with them calling it an ambitious first novel, and the Guardian said ‘The best American novel I’ve ever read’. Whoa. I ordered it off Amazon not realising it was 994 pages, so seeing as it’s a whim purchase, it had better be good, especially as we’ll be eating baked beans and cupboard sweepings for the rest of the month.

My other new book purchase (the other three weeks of the month I only buy second hand, or read books from the library, or that I find in dustbins) was ‘Death and the Penguin’ by Andrey Kurkov, and was mainly attracted by the cover and title. I bought this in Waterstones, as I feel guilty only using Amazon and so now and again pay the price on the back of the book, and do my bit to keep a book shop staffed by actual people open. And I must say, the staff of Aberdeen Waterstones are very nice, the man today read the blurb on the back of the book and said it looked interesting, and the last time I was in there the lady said how cool my bag is (it is cool, it has Kafka on it).

And I bought a lovely Paperchase diary for next year, as appointments are beginning to creep in, and I wanted a page-a-day one as although I keep a daily journal full of insane ranting, I want to somewhere to write down more about what I actually do and where I go. Lucy’s log, star date 2016 : Went to work, someone has stolen my Tipp-ex mouse. I think the car exhaust is blowing. Omlette for tea tonight, and the cat puked on the window sill again.  Next year is my 40th year, and Alan Bennett says we keep diaries to slow time down, and I want to be very aware of the passing of time next year, and see if that’s true, if I can really appreciate all those moments of work, car repairs and cat vomit.