Knitting with Dickens

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with my brow knotted, writing knitting patterns for an American craft magazine. It’s all a little scary and official, but actually quite satisfying to get the patterns down on paper rather than just floating round my head. It’s not been great for my fitness program, and it’s been a struggle to find time to read. However, I have not been deterred. It’s been the perfect opportunity to catch up on Dickens’ ‘Little Dorrit’ on audiobook.

Little Dorrit

One should always don a lace knitting cap before taking up one’s needles.

I found the audiobook on Youtube and compared to some of the horrific DIY readings of classics I’ve found on there, it’s perfectly adequate and is helping to distract me from the fear. Despite being further on in the novel, I’ve started at Part 2 to recap some of what I’ve already read, after all it’s been a while.

I’ve included a link to the first part in case you also find yourself embroiled in a knitting thicket, and would like to feel that if you’re not getting very far there, at least you’re making some headway with Dickens!