They have better books in Fishguard

I sent a lovely half term afternoon in Fishguard with my daughter yesterday. The weather was gloomy, but the drive across the Preselis was dramatic and uplifting. After a swim at the leisure centre, we had a mooch round the charity shops and I found these lovelies in the Paul Sartori charity shop. I did chuckle to myself as the woman in charge of the books took the time out to point out her own special filing system of the books. She threw a disdainful arm towards the ‘chick lit’ while running her hand tenderly along the ‘better books’ and classics shelf. Meanwhile the thrillers only got a cursory nod over her shoulder. I assured her I’d be sticking strictly to the better books, so she gave me an approving smile and left me to browse.

Fishguard's 'better books'