Why the balloons?

I have finished ‘Pamela’ – hoorah! I’ve been ploughing through it for months and it has oppressed me like a low-lying cloud of impending rain. The master’s relentless chasing and traumatising of Pamela described in painstaking detail to her parents was dull enough to read, but when she finds herself somewhat in love with this man who has kidnapped her, imprisoned her against her will and attempted to rape her, I nearly lost the will to live. In the end I had to omit all other reading until I’d turned the last page and freed myself from the misery. Now it is over and I am giddy with the thought of all the wonderful books I can choose to read next.

'Pamela', bookshelves

‘Pamela’ is now back on the shelf where she belongs.

I’ve already got a few books on the go which I read regularly, athough come to think of it I’ve been neglecting Dickens of late. I’ll have to remedy that.

TBR pile

The ‘works-in-progress’ pile.

Here’s my newly picked TBR pile. Later, I’llΒ Ip Dip DooΒ to see what I’ll be reading first.

my TBR pile

Woohoo! What will I read first?