What’s up with people?!

And by people I also mean me. It seems I am horrid and ungrateful. A friend loaned me this book, saying she thought I’d like it, she’s not to know my ‘to be read’ list is long, wide, and stacked for blogging and challenge purposes, and to just throw a random book at me is literary Jenga. And what if it’s rubbish? It will be a waste of time. Time, I could have used getting annoyed with Samuel Richardson or ticking off another challenge book. I am seeing her tonight for the first time since she loaned me the book a fortnight ago, I have no idea if there will be a question/discussion session, and any fraudulent claims to have read the book will see me embarrassingly exposed, so I have started reading it. Basically, it’s a fictional account of Freud and Jung going to America, and seems like they will solve a murder whilst there. I’m sure it’s quite good, I just don’t have time for it.

And instead of being touched that another human thought of me, wants to share an experience with me, and is trusting me with their book, all I can think of is how the ‘Richard and Judy’ (you’re not Oprah, and never will be) sticker has been on there so long I cannot get it off without marking the cover (you can probably see where I’ve had a go at it). Seeing their sticker on any book immediately puts me off, it’s like the ‘black spot’ of the book world, and I wait for the Kraken to rise up from the nearest water source and swallow the book, and reader, whole.


So, there we have it, I’m not only ungrateful, but a snob. And in my snobbery, have discovered I can crochet little flowers to cover the sticker, and so may now go into business supplying other snobs with small woolly items, (I’m sure I could do a little Batman logo, car, spider, etc for the non-flowery people) to cover their embarrassing book stickers.

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