I would talk to me, if I saw me reading either of these books in public.


Then again, I’m nosey and reaching the stage of womanhood that many do, where we lose all fear of looking ridiculous. There is no cool. No aloof. I’ll talk to anyone and listen to anyone’s life story at a bus stop. Years ago I remember seeing a young woman of about 20 outside a supermarket, wearing a crop top, and although it was a warm day, my grandmother still felt it her duty to tell the girl she’d get a chill on her kidneys if she wasn’t careful. I cringed at the time, but that will be me one day, I know it.

I digress, but by that token, I found the covers of both these books so awesomely striking, I know if I saw someone reading one of them on a train I’d have to ask them about the book. I have been wanting the Oscar Wilde one for ages, as I thought we knew all about him, you mean there’s more to his life? In fact, a secret life? More revelations? The books is mainly drawn from letters written by Wilde, and is so far fascinating, as it’s his view and on the events of his life, and in spite of the bright, almost day-glo  coral cover, not unsympathetically sensationalised.

‘Lanark’ by Alasdair Gray is on the 100 greatest novels list, the cover art is by the author himself, and there’s also a plate inside the book which reminds me of early manuscripts, back in the days of calf skin pages and illuminated letters.