Hey! Isn’t It My Turn To Raid The Stationery Cupboard?

Over the past month everyone in my family has been brandishing shiny new stationery. Oh, did I say everyone? Well, everyone but me, that is. The annual trip to WHSmith for pristine pencil case supplies helped ease the sting of a new school year for my daughter. Plus, she wheedled a couple of posher than usual homework books from Paperchase when we were in London a couple of weekends ago, as the dazzle of the big smoke had me feeling giddy and generous.

My son has just hopped off to College to learn how not to sink ships, and as well as his basic student starter kit, he went laden with a huge wedge of A4 and a clutch of his writing implement of choice – the hateful gel-pen. This year, it’s not just the kids that are ‘back to school’, as my husband is about to start a social work degree. He’s celebrating a return to studentville with a new Lamy fountain pen and more wedges of paper.

Lamy fountain pen

Sleek minimal design – the Lamy fountain pen is a winner.

Uniball gel pens

Beware! These vile beasts lurk in teenage pencil cases everywhere.

As the household stationery queen I’ll confess I’m feeling a little left out, so I’ve had my own little splurge. As I’m forever using little post-it tabs to mark places in books to reference in blog posts, I’ve stocked up with these from The Works. Best of all they were on sale, so I got all the joy for mere pennies – squee!

new stickers and post-its