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glasgow central station

I love large, echoing train stations, especially as where I currently live, we don’t even have a train line, so they are a novelty. I took this picture this weekend while waiting at Glasgow Central, which is one of my favourites. I always have a book on me for waiting purposes, but in a place like that I just end up sitting there, staring about me.

I’m currently reading ‘Dorian’ by Will Self, his take on ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ which is next on my list, as I’d like to review the two together. Self’s version is set in the 1980s and his Dorian is tied to a video art installation. The book contains more 80s childhood memory prompts than I’d really like. In the early part of the 80s, due to being a child, I was quite short, and one line of the book, while unrelated, distinctly made me remember the time a drunk man in a white jacket suit jacket, caught my cheek with his cigarette. I was waiting for a bus with my cousin, it was a very hot day in south London and he came stumbling along and almost fell into me. There was no water to put on the burn so my cousin told me to spit on my hand and rub it on my cheek. I’d completely forgotten about that disturbing day, thanks, Mr Self! When I think about adults in the 80s, such as parties my parents would go to, weddings, etc, everyone was drinking, and ashtrays and ring pulls were everywhere. Summers were hot, winters were cold, and chip-pan fires were a constant, clear and present danger.