Sometimes One Just Isn’t Enough

Have you ever loved a book so much that you’ve felt the need to buy extra copies? Sometimes I’m enjoyed a book so much that if I see a copy while trawling secondhand bookshops I’ll buy it just to pass on to someone I think will love it too. That’s exactly what happened last week. The day before he left for college, I took my son out for lunch at Cafe Rio in Haverfordwest. As the Oxfam bookshop is just around the corner, I subjected him to last agonising wait while I scanned the shelves for treasure. I struck gold.

I found not one, but three novels by Elizabeth Taylor. I read ‘Mrs Palfrey at The Claremont’ a few months age and was blown away by the crisp evocative prose. I couldn’t leave it in the shop and gave it to my son as a little parting gift and a reminder of this his last day.

Elizabeth Taylor book haul

I’ve also already read Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’  but was more than happy to upgrade my battered old copy with its minuscule print, for one with a scary carousel horse on the cover!

Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio, location of the last supper – well, lunch.