Something Completely Different


I really love old literature, especially dismal Victoriana (that should be a genre) but for my reading and writing development, I need to shake myself out of my soot-blackened, clog-wearing, TB-coughing rut and read something completely different.

I bought ‘Dune’ when I was a child my mum said she’d take us tot he cinema to see it, but then just before we were due to leave, I got muddy, and the trip was cancelled. This went into my top ten of childhood injustices, but in later years my mother admitted she seized on this opportunity to cancel the Dune trip as she had decided it might be too scary for us. Why she couldn’t just say that rather than have me and my muddy socks carry the blame in my brother’s eyes for decades, I don’t know. I never did get round to seeing the film, and no amount of mud can come between me and book.

‘The Elephant Keeper’s Children’ is something I’ve had for a while, and bought it after I read, and really loved, ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow’, which contained my other love, chilly Scandinavian noir. Judging by the cover it’s nothing like that, but still should be interesting.

I was inspired to watch ‘Under The Skin’ after hearing about the originality of its score, and also for the fun of seeing pieces Glasgow I know. How the utter weirdness of that film could be written as a book fascinates me.

The problem is I’m currently reading too many books, and should not start anything new, but desire to get to these is helping power through the remains of ‘Clarissa’, ‘Tristram Shandy’, and Will Self’s ‘Dorian’. Starting new books is like clean duvet cover night, the simple pleasures are the best.