Cleaning Is Always Easier If You Get Paid In Notebooks.

This weekend we are cleaning. My son left for college last week *sob* and I’m tackling the bombsite left in his wake. In its current state it looks more like the elephant enclosure at the zoo than a bedroom, but I will be brave. I have a scarf tied round my hair, ‘Rosie the Riveter’ style, gritty determination and a bucket-load of elbow grease at the ready. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

My daughter’s having a clear out, in readiness for her room change, and Simon hasn’t escaped either, and is currently trying to put our old bed-frame together. We’re about to have a bedroom again after a number of years spent sleeping on a mattress up in the eaves of our house.

An unexpected benefit of all this upheaval is that I’ve managed to salvage a couple of unused notebooks and a still-boxed book-light from my son’s ‘unwanted stuff’ pile, and then my daughter brought in a stack of journals that she doesn’t want either – boom! Suddenly cleaning is not such a bind after all.

Here are my winnings, so far.

paid in journals