View Over the Top Of My Book #6

Newport beach, west wales

Last week, we had a freak summer’s day in the midst of a decidedly Autumnal spell. Fearing it to be the last of its kind for a while, I packed a picnic dinner of salad and baked potatoes wrapped in foil, chucked our swimming costumes and towels into a bag and whisked my daughter off to the beach straight from school. Newport is probably our nearest beach, and if you park at the bridge you can walk along the estuary and through the dunes to reach the beach.

We swam in the still water in the radiant sunshine, then I headed out for a quick read while my daughter splashed about for a bit longer. Then we sat huddled up in towels, feasting on our potatoes – they always taste better on the beach. It was one of those blissful moments that I’ll return to often. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to see me through the long bleak winter months ahead. To me, days like these are West Wales at it’s finest.