Reading Saboteurs! The thieves of my time.

I get a lot of reading done during my breaks at work, and I listen to audiobooks whilst driving. I also read in the bath when I get home from work, and then a little more reading before sleep. This past few weeks, evil forces have been working against me. People have wanted to speak to me at lunch (I’m not sure why they’re bothering, I’m not that nice), I’ve had passengers in my car so it seems a bit rude tell them to be quiet so I can continue listening to a book they have no idea about. These, and countless other things have scuppered me recently. I know some people struggle when the children are on their summer holidays, but mine is a teenager so generally has her head in a book or her laptop, and it’s me that has to draw conversation out of her, so circumstances generally have to go above and beyond to distract me.

What I need is a retreat. I’ve been reading about fabulous reading holidays where you can stay in a wonderful country house, maybe with a reading list and book group-style set up, and various other options. However, I want something remote, and solitary. I want a cabin by a lake, with a deck I can sit on, no wifi, in fact, unless something happens at home that involves the police, ambulance or the fire brigade, don’t bother telling me.

The closest I can get to this (except for getting myself sent to prison, that would also work), physically and financially, is to put up a tent in my garden and forbid people to speak to me. Although this does give me an insight into how people go a bit strange. I could well blossom into the local mad tent lady. Maybe many the colourful characters in our societies were once just people who wanted time to read, or do a crossword in peace.