Next up on the Dickens Challenge – The Old Curiosity Shop

My last Dickens Challenge book was the Mystery of Edwin Drood, which I did enjoy, and thankfully, although it was unfinished without the murderer being revealed, Dickens did write a letter to a good friend containing both the identity and the method of how the culprit is found out. And luckily he was nice and didn’t keep that information to himself, and included it in his Dickens biography (which I’m sure didn’t hurt his sales figures).

I’m not sure how, but I’ve never read the Old Curiosity Shop, even though I have had a copy for years, since my mum gave me her complete of Dickens. It’s the same one that many other people’s mums also got, when a centenary collection was released. My copy still has the original leaflet that would have been inside every book.

Although, I know very little about The Old Curiosity Shop, other than I heard when it was serialised, America got them later than us, and New Yorkers stormed the docks when the ship from Britain arrived, bearing the final instalment, and shouted across to the sailors ‘Does Nell live?!’.

So I’m guess it’s Little Nell, and as this is Dickens, I’ll be surprised if she does. I don’t know the girl, but if she is frail but loved, she has Smike written all over her, and there may be the coughing of blood into a hanky.                                        *sniff sniff* Excuse me, I have something in my eye…

the old curisoty shop