Well, where would you take Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf for a great day out?

A couple of weekends ago my daughter and I caught the early National Express coach from Swansea to London and went to the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley. Despite copious packed lunch supplies, water, reading materials and my knitting, I managed to smuggle a couple of little friends in my bag.


I did wonder whether it was advisable taking the very delicate Marcel Proust to a football match, especially one in a stadium the size of Wembley,  However, I figured that he would have Virginia Woolf for company, and as she was such an admirer of his, I knew she’d make sure he was alright. I thought Virginia would love to see a pitch full of skilled female footballers, each fighting for their teammates, showing grit and determination, as well as the bigger picture of them fighting for the same recognition as men’s football gets.

The match was fantastic and there was a record-breaking turnout of over 30,000. Ji So Yun scored the only goal of the game after netting a great pass from Eni Aluko to give Chelsea the victory over Notts. County. I think little Marcel and Virginia had a grand old time -I know we did!

Marcel proust and Virginia Woolf go to Wembley