Like a kitten in a dumpster

Except it was a book in a wheelie bin. The bin was at my place of work, and I opened it to put something in, and saw this book on top. It’s fascinating, as it was published as part of a book club. I want to be be a member of the Companion Book Club! I want books coming to my house, that will no doubt build up into a lovely library of varied titles. And I love the name, because books really can be companions. I like to think lots of lonely people in the 1950s were made happier by the Companion Book Club.

So, I scooped the poor little book into my arms, dried its tears, told it no one will ever throw it away again, that it’s safe now, and coming home with me. It’s a very strange book, as it is illustrated with photos, and rather like reading a war film. For the pre-Netflix masses, even pre-VHS, hell, pre-television for a lot of people, this film-through-the-post must have been super exciting.

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