Books with added guitar solos!

wordsworth classics

Well, the book on the right does, every time I look into that wolf’s eye I hear and gnarly axe twiddling. It reminds me of a t-shirt my grandmother bought me when I was 14, and I played guitar and permanently listened to Metallica, Pantera, etc. The t-shirt was a not a nice, official band merchandise one to add my collection of cool shirts. No, it was a wolf shirt from a market stall, which at the time I would not have worn to sleep in, let alone, in public. I didn’t expect that kind of cover from a Collins classic.


Although Wordsworth, it would not have surprised me at all.

Listen, Wordsworth Classics, I love you, I do. I really do. For this 100 Greatest Novels list you have saved me a load of money and made lots of titles very cheaply available, at just £2 each brand new for many of your titles, but your covers are just terrible. Some in a funny way, but others verge on embarrassing to be seen holding. The Count Of Monte Cristo looks like fanart desktop wallpaper, and Dorian Gray is technically one huge spoiler. I know we all know the deal with that plot even before we come to it, but do you really have to have it on the cover, with an identical cravat just in case anyone was in any doubt it’s the same person?