Holiday Reading Dilemmas

On Tuesday we’re going on our annual ten day holiday to an arts festival in south Pembrokeshire. We’ll be camping the whole time, cooking on an open fire, and while the kids unkink and go feral, we’ll enjoy relaxing and catching up with old friends. I always have fun, but I usually get a bit anxious beforehand as I’ll be swapping my days of quiet solitude for a field full of people and lots to see and do.

Part of my survival mechanism will be to take myself to a quiet corner of a field to read in peace. I don’t necessarily ‘dumb down’ my reading for the holidays, although if it’s got a dragon in it, it’ll definitely have to wait until then (I’m looking at you, ‘Game of Thrones‘) but I might choose a comedy over something really heavy.Then again, sometimes a holiday can allow you the luxury of total immersion in a novel that would otherwise drag on for months. I read Victor Hugo‘s ‘Les Miserables‘ on holiday earlier in the year, and it was heavenly to be able to indulge for hours each day.

I’ve been squirreling away holiday books for a while now, and sorting through the pile today, I’ve realised I’ve got far too many to take. Then again, I wondered whether I should just take ‘Infinite Jest’ and spend ten days immersed in that, but that’s so good I might not speak to a soul and forget to turn up to run my knitting workshops. *Sigh* It looks like there’ll have to be another round of Ip, Dip, Doo!

holiday reading