Because it doesn’t do to be perilously short of notebooks

Build it and they will come, or, buy notebooks and writing will get done.

pretty notebooks

Although to be honest, I’d write if all I had were petrol receipts and used electricity bill envelopes, and that has sometimes been the case, but it certainly helps to have some nice notebooks. I am particularly fond of buff-coloured books, and Alice in Wonderland illustrations, so this was a successful shopping trip. And side-printing of pages makes me happy.

butterfly notebook

Although, my notebooks are heading in the same direction as the amount of novels I have, more than enough waiting to be used/read, sitting around my bedroom in stacks of future joy.

But we have to think in the terms of apocalypse, whether it be nuclear, zombie, or weather-related. I may not have enough tinned food to see me through, but I will have enough notebooks, pens and novels, and so if it all goes a bit ‘Book of Eli’ I can open a little library, and scrape a living together that way. Very few people know how to make papers, and even then it’s will be thick and lumpy craft stuff, so start stockpiling, people.