Madeleines for Proust

I thought I’d make some madeleines in honour of Proust’s birthday (any excuse, right?), but as I’m now a Vegan killjoy, I wasn’t sure if that would be possible, or advisable. My inner Homer Simpson really, really wanted me to try, if it meant there’d be the possibility of cake, so, a quick google led me to a recipe here, and I gave it a go.

This is what happened…..

making vegan madeleines for Proust's birthday

This is what is known in the trade as a mess.

I didn’t burn them, which was a nice surprise, and they’re very tasty – if not quite the puffy little tugboats I was hoping for. I’ll definitely make them again.

You mean you didn't know that Proust was a West Ham United fan?

What do you mean you didn’t know that Proust was a West Ham United fan?

Tasty madeleines are all very well, and I’m grateful for any excuse to eat cake, especially as literary treats are less calorific, non? But if I’d wanted to create a Proustian moment, to taste something that would trigger a flood of memories from childhood and possibly launch a seven volume novel, I’d have to give the dainty morsels of madeleine seeped in limeflower tea a miss, and instead, go for something like this.

heinz toato soup proustian moment trigger

Heinz Tomato soup. I bet it’s inspired and fuelled more novels than Proust could shake a soggy madeleine at.