When life gets in the way of reading

….and when I say life, I mean football. and knitting.

This past month has been madly busy for me. The Women’s World Cup has been held in Canada and I’ve been reporting on matches through the medium of knitting in my other guise as The Knitted Footballer –  a comedy/gender political project I’ve been doing. The tournament is now over – won by USA, but I’m still frantically trying to finish off a few commissioned pieces, so the pressure is still on.

knitted footballers

Apart from watching a lot of late night football and furiously knitting, I struggled to find the time to do anything else. My reading time got drastically reduced to a few pages grabbed here and there before my sleep-deprived eyes over-ruled intention. As well as severely limiting my inspiration for writing book-related blog posts, I really noticed a difference in how I’ve felt.

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Reading less is like exercising less. It makes me feel out of sorts. Those daily moments spent with a book broaden my perspective, taking my thoughts away from the minutiae of my life. I get to brood on beautiful prose, intriguing characters, challenging situations and astonishing ideas instead of what I’m going to make for dinner. Reading expands my world and I’ve sorely missed it. I enjoyed the World Cup immensely, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to some serious page-turning. If only I felt the same renewed enthusiasm for getting back into exercise.