The Dubliners: Written for human people with human-sized brains

Upon opening the ‘The Dubliner’s by James Joyce I had to flip back to the front cover, just to check it was actually that James Joyce. Because well, it’s normal. I have read Ulysses and occasionally I glance at a page of Finnegan’s Wake and laugh, and blow the dust from the companion books I bought to help me with it, and so am really chuffed to find The Dubliner’s is not going to make my head hurt.

I am reading it along with a free edX course, which is kind of like a big book club with discussions and the occasional quiz, as I had thought it would be harder than it is, and I would need foreigners on the internet to hold my hand. However, I enjoy these courses and am sure I’ll get something out of it anyway, and be shown some new ways of looking at things.

This collection of short stories should be inspiration to writers everywhere. Joyce submitted it 18 times to 15 publishers, and even when offering to pay for the printing himself, some of the subject matter offended the printer so much he wouldn’t let Joyce have the work, and burned the pages. I seriously hope Joyce didn’t pay him and/or got his money back. Life must have been tough before consumer advice programs and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.