Stop! There’s a Mystery Book Bequeather on the loose!

Last Wednesday, I opened the front door to find a carrier bag brimming with books had been left on the doorstep. I was flabbergasted. I’d been in all day, but hadn’t heard anyone drive past, let alone come up to the house. How curious!

marcel finds books

Marcel wasn’t sure who they were from either.

As I was late for school pick up I had to wait until my return to explore further, which was torture, but children do tend to complain when their needs run a close second to mystery book investigations . Closer scrutiny revealed that the bag was chock full of black spined Penguins – Holy Joy! This secret, seasonally-challenged Santa knew my tastes well, but there was no evidence of who they might be – no note, no names or jottings in the margins. What a mystery!

question mark of books

What treasure – check out these titles!

secret santa book bequeather

book bequeather stack

Setting my brow into a quizzical frown, I made like Jessica Fletcher, to solve the mystery of the secret book bequeather, once and for all.

My Jessica Fletcher impression is uncanny, non?

Who is that mystery book bequeather?

Bearing in mind the remoteness of where I live, and my reclusive tendencies, it didn’t take long, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So, thank you, Jeannie! I’m completely thrilled with the books and can’t wait to get stuck into them, and solving the mystery just made it even better!