Which Dickens to read next?

It’s time to start a new Dickens, as part of the Dickens Challenge.

I’ve decided to read one that I know very little about, nothing I have ever seen on a screen, or as a Toby jug, or a cartoon character. But the problem is, as my books are all part of a bound set with no cover illustrations so I can’t judge them by that, I’ve had to google some images and see which one takes my fancy.

Barnaby Rudge features this fun-looking man. And I really like crows (and rooks, and jackdaws, and ravens, and I’m annoying pedantic with people who can’t tell the difference)

barnaby rudgeOur Mutual Friend seems less cheery. Those are not happy eyes, and she doesn’t look like she’d be much use with that oar. Unless it’s for bashing him with, she might manage that.
dombey and son

Dombey and Son has a disabled child on a South Coast beach, by the looks of things.

Dombey and son

However, we have a winner. The Mystery of Edwin Drood has a man on the floor, while another warms his hands. That’ll do me.

mystery of edwin drood