I’m not licking that, I’d probably get polio.

I am big on cheap books. I recently bought a load of books for ten pence each and the joy I felt actually made my heart beat faster. Given the choice between bargain books and Tom Hiddleston, I’d have to think. Actually, no I wouldn’t, I take Hiddleston home first every time, but the books would be a very close second. Although both would be ideal, as he could carry them.

I also love the Oxfam bookshop, especially old editions, and have picked up some great yellowed copies of classic novels printed about a hundred years ago, with spidery names and addresses of probably very dead people written inside the covers. I haven’t written inside a book since I was a kid, when I put Peter Rabbit book plates inside my most treasured books. I was eight years old when I put this inside the cover of ‘The Wind In The Willows’.


I clearly remember writing that with the school-type Berol ‘handwriting’ pen.

So, I thought I buy some nice books, new ones, and got two I have a fondness for from the Penguin clothbound collection. Along with them I got two packets vintage book plates from eBay, which judging by the phone number format, are at least 30 years old, and I feel suitably tasteful for my purposes.




Ha! I am immature enough that I laughed upon reading this, oo-er missus. Not licking it, though. I don’t know what they made glue out of in the 60s.