This would be easier if I were German

It seems, while I’ve heard a million times that English is a Germanic language, Old English really is incredibly German. I do have some German, due to school and such, and the similar or same words are making my Beowulf-inspired quest to learn Old English a whole lot easier. Hund = dog, swoestor = sister, and so on. There’s also words that look weird, but are actually quite normal, for example, a ‘c’ at the beginning of a word is pronounced like a ‘k’, ‘y’ is an ‘i’ so for family, ‘cynn’, is basically kin. We knew that, that’s normal, whoo!

First I bought this book, which is very academic, and slow going.



I’m wading through this, it’s about as fun as it looks

Then I bought these two, which are way easier, and fun. I like learning English with Leofwin. He’s married with two kids and has bizarre chin hair.


Leofwin has online resources, including this video.

Which led me to this video, which can’t be unseen