Am I the world’s most unsuccessful protester ever ?

Yesterday I planned to go on the Anti-Austerity demo in Haverfordwest, which started at noon. Admittedly I was running a little late, but figured that it’d be a while before the march set off. When I got to County Hall, I couldn’t find anybody. How is it possible to lose a demo? Well, I managed it. I wandered about for ages with no luck until I saw a couple of people trailing home-made banners. They confirmed I’d missed it – apparently West Wales protesters are nothing if not punctual, and the small band that had rallied set off at noon on the dot.

I felt such an idiot, not least because I’d chosen to wear my obligatory ‘Le Resistance’ beret and neckerchief – I don’t get out much. So eyes down, I headed to the Oxfam bookshop for some book-browsing consolation.

I didn’t do too badly under the circumstances.

Oxfam, secondhand books, book hauloxfam, secondhand books, book haul

I also bought some shades to hide my demo failure shame

Le Resistance beret

‘I vil say zis only once’