Books that cost less than cornflakes

I mean Kellog’s, not supermarket own. But still, the Wordsworth Classics range is damn affordable, especially when there’s a reading challenge on the go, and a 100 specific books to buy. In the Oxfam bookshop classics are about £2.75 each, which is grand if they have the specific title I want, and eBay is also about that for second-hand with free postage, but the two at the bottom were £1.99 each. Although it must be said libraries are just grand, and if you live near one and can order specific books, that’s great.

The only complaint I have with Wordsworth is the artwork is sometimes a little off. Behold, War and Peace. It looks like a tacky romance novel, or a VHS cover of a mini-series or soap from the 80s. Falcon’s Roots Knot’s Landing Crest.

war and peace tacky

Frosted pink lipstick back then in 1812?? I think not, missy! And who the hell are you two? Cos you’re not in this novel, that’s for sure.

So far on the 100 Greatest Novels list I’ve been reading some of the heavier books (literally), such as Ulysses and Clarissa. To give my brains (and back, lift with your knees) a break, I have just got these two.

wordsworth classicsThe Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith is the thickness of a bus timetable, and Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (his dad’s name was Jerome Clapp, he changed it to Jerome Clapp Jerome, so Jerome the younger was born into his father’s repetitive name syndrome) is hilarious and involves boats, dogs and pies. Jackpot.