The Blue Meanies made me do it

Well, that’s the general election out of the way for another five years. After the months of build up, the debates, opinion polls and the tension of the night itself, I felt hollow with tiredness on Friday morning. I’d planned to put in an all-nighter, but caved in at three, getting up a few hours later to catch the remaining results as they came in.

Waking up to the prospect of another five years of austerity under true blue Tory rule filled me with total desolation. For something to do, I headed to the Oxfam bookshop in Haverfordwest for a consolation book browse. If finances are about to get tighter, spending money probably isn’t the most sensible thing to do, but there was new stock in, and I went into a sort of soothing coma before finding myself outside the shop with an over-flowing bag full of books.

oxfam bookshop book haul, secondhand books,

Just looking at all of those makes me feel calm


secondhand books, book haul, oxfam bookshop,

….and Breeeeeeeathe


It could be worse – it’s not like I spent the children’s shoe money on fags and booze – and after all, I will read them all. I’m writing off today’s post-election book binge as a direct swap for my next haircut, and I declare that this season, long hair is most definitely in for secondhand book lovers.