Samuel Richardson: Blessed with the ability to cram 100 pages of action into 750 pages

I bet that’s his writing hat. I need a writing hat. I shall knit one forthwith.


But more importantly, 750 pages is halfway! Hot dog! The end of the second longest book in the 100 Greatest Novels list is in sight! I am at the literary equivalent of halfway through a marathon, cross-legged in the line for the port-a-loos, choking down a banana wondering if that’s sweat or blood filling my shoes.

Although I do feel a bit mean, as although Samuel Johnson was correct when he said ‘If you were to read this for the story you would be so much fretted that you would hang yourself’ he also said ‘The first book in the world for the knowledge it displays of the human heart’

And that’s the thing with this tombstone that hurts my shoulder when I put it in my bag. It is an amazing study of humans in a messed-up situation, I really am getting to know these prudes, libertines, cads, and the title indecisive stupid, insensitive arrogant girl very much. So I have yet to succumb to the Johnson’s prediction and hang myself, but I swear if this book doesn’t see them married someone’s gonna get hurt.

clarissa samuel richardson

Halfway, baby! Someone high-five me.