Reading’s enemy no.1 is kittens

I can write anywhere. It might not be my finest work, but I can get a rough draft onto page or screen while being bombarded by any amount of background noise, music, talk radio, tv – even surrounded by roadworks if it proved necessary. Why is it then, that I can’t read under the same conditions? I’m sure I used to be able to lose myself in a book anywhere, but not any more. It could be that I’m reading more challenging books nowadays that require greater focus. I can just about manage reading to classical music, but not song. As soon as you throw words in there, I lose the plot.

A major exception to this is a cafe. The layers of chatter, music and general hubbub morph into comfortable white noise and I’m away. In fact, I find that easier than the pinched silence of a library, or even being alone at home.

Actually, reading at home has become almost impossible now our soppy dog Boo has been joined by a pair of naughty kittens who constantly distract me with their cuteness and monkey business.


Queenie in the coal scuttle

Queenie in the coal scuttle

cute kittens

Queenie and Marcel chasing shadows

cute kittens

and they’re off


cute kittens

sleepy kittens curled up for cuddles


Luckily I can head off to the comfort of my reclining chair in the cabin at the top of our garden whenever I need some peace to read.


cabin, shed, living the dream

If you want me I’ll be in my cabin

cabin, woodstove, reading chair

My reading and thinking chair