Please give me permission to spend money I shouldn’t

Ooooooooohhhh, I want this book, Literary Knits. But I have totally blown my book budget for this month already, and next month, but never mind, lentils are healthy, and cheap toilet roll does the same job (kind of) as the branded stuff.

My only concern is I spend precious little time in the real world as it is, I’m not sure how helpful it would be for me to have more in the way of props to enable my escapism. Wuthering Heights bedsocks? Galadriel hooded dress? Yes please.

I could wear these things to work, I could quote from the appropriate books. People would hate me, but I’d be happy.

galadriel dress

Not quite glam enough for Galadriel, I’d say that was more of an Arwen dress. And I’d make it longer. And wear it whilst stalking Viggo Mortensen.