Waugh! Huh! Good god ya’ll!

As Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Scoop’ is on the 100 Greatest Novels, I had to buy it. I found this set of six Penguins from the 60’s for ten pounds on eBay, and on top of my love of old Penguins, there is also the wonderful cover art of Bentley/Farrell/Burnett  on four of them, that sealed the Paypal deal. Something Yellow Submarine and slightly unnerving about them. I fear Blue Meanies above everything scary in the world. And beyond. If Ripley had been stuck on a space craft with Blue Meanies, I’d have been unable to watch at all.

evelyn waugh

At first glance I thought that was a poo in the crown, but it’s not, it’s a baby bird.



decline and fall

I also found this amazing video of Evelyn Waugh being interviewed. He was one of those people that are so posh, so clipped, it almost seems as if speaking hurts him. And could also be a tad tipsy.