100 Greatest Novels of All Time

I like following insane reading challenges, as I enjoy pushing myself, and I dearly hope lots of reading will have a positive effect in my ever-mushening mind, so I am going to read the 100 greatest novels, as chosen by a bunch of literary critics in the Guardian. Scrolling down the list I have already read 20 of them, and the first volume of Proust, so it could be worse. Although I see Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa is on the list, a book that I can see that from where I sit, it is the size of a phone book, and one of the longest novels ever written. And D. H Lawrence is there with The Rainbow, which is don’t want to read, and neither do I want to read Lord Of The Flies as I saw the film and that was harrowing enough.

But I love the idea of having read all of those books, even if I am dreading a few. After that you could throw me into a dinner party with clever people anywhere and I’d be fine. And that in itself is one of the best parts of this, as reading is armour, mental, emotional, and social armour. World, come at me, I got books.

And when people talk about Don Quixote and windmills, I’ll know exactly what he did to or with windmills, rather than just vaguely guessing, having absorbed the information through educational osmosis and Simpsons episodes.