Books vs Cake

For my birthday a while back, I made some vegan cupcakes to celebrate. Sadly, they suffered from the inclusion of baking powder that had taken early retirement without giving notice. Some of you may be feeling sorry for me right now, clutching my tray of disappointment, the dozen cake-shaped hard bouncy balls promising happiness, delivering nothing. Or maybe you even felt sorry for me having to rustle up my own birthday cakes, but it’s ok, I survived cakegate. My birthday happiness was not only salvaged, but made magnificent by a wondrous trip to book heaven in the shape of the Paul Sartori charity shop in Narberth.

Here’s my haul.

book haul shakespeare, lawrence, Fowles, Steinbeck,

tower of wordy wonder

and here it is again

books, shakespeare, Ibsen, Lawrence, Fowles,Steinbeck

carpet of dreams

So, there was a clear winner in this battle of books vs cake.

That said, if I was offered any of these, I’d have to seriously think about it.

weird baby cake

Scary doll embedded in cake – no, that won’t give anyone nightmares.

beheaded groom cake

Bride: ‘I’d been having doubts’             Groom ‘I wish you’d said before’

basket of potatoes cake

when I thought of you, I knew just what cake to make